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Joyce is a highly gifted, trustworthy, and intuitive energy healer and reader and draws from her psychic abilities and training as a Reiki Master.


During a session, Joyce focuses on bringing healing and clarity through love and light and offers clients a safe and compassionate process in their enlightening and healing journey.  She specializes in:

  • Trauma healing through energy work and readings.

  • Cancer care.

  • Assisting you through your healing journey and finding your passions.

  • Discovering yourself and your voice—being true to you.

  • Eliminating the belief that you must live up to others’ expectations.

  • Enlightenment and healing. 

  • Building positive relationships and releasing barriers that block happiness and love.


During a healing session, Joyce is best known for her ability to gently and compassionately release emotional trauma so individuals can connect to their passions and  achieve a healthy and happy life. Many of her clients have experienced deep transformation and long-term shifts that remove internal roadblocks, allowing them to move forward and grow.


During a reading with Joyce, she will connect to your inner (spirit) and higher self (angels, guides, and loved ones). She delivers personal messages with  precision, compassion, and empathy. She is guided with messages to release past trauma, review current realities, and identify the possibilities for future events. Her focus is to  help clients develop a healthy appreciation for life,  and she channels messages that assist with that journey.


"I'm passionate about my work because I enjoy bringing healing and peace to individuals and to assist them with building their sense of self-worth, believing in and loving themselves, and helping them to connect with their heart and to others.  My journey as a cancer survivor and the loss of loved ones has strengthened my gifts to connect empathetically.  I am passionate about helping people live within themselves. It’s alright to be who you are! I guide you to seeing, understanding, and accepting that truth in a gentle and compassionate way"

To schedule an appointment with Joyce, call or text her at 952-607-9938.

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